Below is a list of estimated prices for various services offered. Pricing can vary based on size, material, state of the book, how the book has been stored, if it has been repaired before, even what glues were used to originally bind the book. 

Please use this as a starting point instead of a definitive guide. This is by no means a complete list of services offered.

I highly recommend contacting me via phone or email to discuss these prices and the services I offer.



Leather Reback: Starting at $140

Cloth Reback: Starting at $100

Recasing: Starting at $80


New Bindings:

New Leather Binding: Starting at $170

New Cloth Binding: Starting at $120


Special Services:

Family Bibles: Starting at $500 (includes: leather reback, new end papers, minor paper repairs, new hinges, new hollow tube, new headbands)

Personal Bibles: Starting at $200 (includes: new goatskin leather binding, new end papers, "Holy Bible" gold stamped on spine, blind tooled lines on spine, name or family name gold stamped on bottom right corner of front cover)


Archival Protection Boxes:

Clamshell box: Starting at $100 

Slipcase: Starting at $75



Color restoration: $30/hour 

Paper repair: $5/page

Text block sewing: $25/hour