Madeline Lambelet

I was bench-trained in an apprenticeship at a local restoration studio, as well as having completed an internship at the conservation lab at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

I am also an active member and Co-Exhibition Chair of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. 

I got into book restoration because of a beloved book, Inkheart, read in my childhood. One of the main characters of this book was a true Book Doctor. He had a small studio in his house and taught his daughter how to love and care for books. It immediately became my dream to not only spend my days reading books, but also saving them. While I was in college my young nephew discovered Inkheart and through his eyes I relearned the joy the book held. From that moment on I have been pursuing my dream to dedicate my life to saving books. 

When not restoring books, I spend my time with my two dogs: Samson and Amelia.